Key Objectives

  1. Relationship-building: Build strong relationships of mutual respect and trust among participants.
  2. Open and honest communication: Provide a civil forum for discussing issues of mutual concern.
  3. Education: Educate our communities in understanding the different roles and responsibilities of various government agencies and legal procedures in order to resolve their concerns; educate law enforcement on the culture and religious practices of the communities participating in order to help counter misinformation, support police effectiveness and reduce unlawful discrimination.
  4. Protect our Liberties: Assume collective responsibility to protect the rights and liberties of our community members.
  5. Protect our Country and Commonwealth: Assume collective responsibility to ensure the safety of our country and commonwealth from hate crimes or violent attacks.
  6. Policy discussion:  Provide a forum for community members to urge government agencies to make policy changes to promote resolution of recurring legitimate community concerns.  Provide a forum for government members to urge local institutions and individual members to promote resolution of recurring legitimate law enforcement concerns.
  7. Individual cases:  Provide a forum for community members to raise concerns about what they view as problematic individual cases (e.g., delays in applications for visas or citizenship) and to confer informally with government members about how to help address such matters.
  8. Respect one another publicly: treat one another as allies in educating the American public (e.g. stereotyping, standing against hate, or unfairly blaming a particular agency).

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December 2019